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义乌外贸市场采购向导 客商酒店预订及机场接送业务

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A: Who will meet you at the airport?


B: No one.


A: Oh, then I will arrange one of my staff to meet you at the airport.


A: Excuse me! I’m looking for the airport bus?




B: I think it’s on the side of the road.


A: Oh, thanks. But the next bus leaves at 9:00.


A: Can you tell me the best way to get to the airport?


B: If you want to ensure that you catch the plane, you’d better take a taxi to the airport.


A: I need a taxi to the airport.


B: It is unnecessary, I’ll see you off at the airport.


B:Please confirm the order, 5 to 55 new vehicles within the three-ring free door-to-door shuttle service.


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