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成品检验Checking of finished products

检验,检查inspection, check

商检commodity inspection

领面松wrinkles at top collar

领面紧top collar appears tight

领面起泡crumples at top collar

领外口松collar edge appears loose

领外口紧collar edge appears tight

底领伸出collar band is longer than collar

底领缩进collar band is shorter than collar

底领里起皱wrinkles at collar band facing

底领外露collar band lean out of collar

倘领偏斜collar deviates from front center line

领窝不平creases below neckline

后领窝起涌bunches below back neckline

驳头起皱wrinkles at top lapel

驳头反翘top lapel appears tight

驳头外口松lapel edge appears loose

驳头外口紧lapel edge appears tight

驳口不直lapel roll line is uneven

串口不直gorge line is uneven

领卡脖tight neckline

领离脖collar stand away from neck

小肩起皱puckers at shoulders

塌肩wrinkles at shoulder

袖隆起皱creases at underarm

袖隆缝起皱puckers at underarm seam

塌胸lack of fullness at chest

省尖起泡crumples at dart point

拉链起皱wrinkles at zip fly

止口不直front edge is uneven

止口缩角front edge is out of square

止口反翘front edge is upturned

止口反吐facing leans out of front edge

止口豁split at front edge

止口下部搭叠过多crossing at front edge

底边起皱wrinkles at hem

后身起吊back of coat rides up

背衩豁开split at back vent

背衩搭叠过多crossing at back vent

绗棉起皱puckers at quilting

絮棉不均padded cotton is uneven

边缘缺棉empty hem

绱袖不圆顺diagonal wrinkles at sleeve cap

袖子偏前sleeve leans to front

袖子偏后sleeve leans to back

前袖缝外翻inseam leans to front

袖口起皱wrinkles at sleeve opening

袖里拧diagonal wrinkles at sleeve lining 袋盖反翘top flap appears tight

袋盖反吐flap lining leans out of edge

袋盖不直flap edge is uneven

袋口角起皱creases on two ends of pocket mouth

袋口裂split at pocket mouth

腰头探出end of waistband is uneven

腰缝起皱wrinkles at waistband facing

里襟里起皱creases at right fly

夹裆tight crotch

短裆short seat

后裆下垂slack seat

前浪不平wrinkles at front rise

裆缝断线bursting of crotch seam

裤脚前后two legs are uneven

脚口不齐leg opening is uneven

吊脚pulling at outseam or inseam

烫迹线外撇crease line leans to outside

烫迹线内撇crease line leans to inside

腰缝下口涌bunches below waistline seam

裙裥豁开 split at lower part of skirt

裙身吊split hem line rides up

裙浪不匀skirt flare is uneven

线路偏移stitch seam leans out line

双轨接线 stitch seam is uneven

跳针 skipping

尺码不符 off size

缝制不良stitching quality is not good

洗水不良washing quality is not good

熨烫不良pressing quality is not good


水渍water stain



色差color shade, off shade, color deviation

褪色fading, fugitive color

线头thread residue

毛头raw edge leans out of seam

绣花不良embroidery design out line is uncovered

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